View Full Version : My wife to UK

11-09-2012, 16:23
My Russian wife applied for and got a 6 month visa to UK in May and we were going to get a 2 year one later. The UKBA rang her and asked if she would like to apply for the 2 year one instead and offered a refund. I took that to be a suggestion that she would get it, after we had one refusal over my sufficiency of accommodation but we stuck to that. Then July 9th the rules changed and we now need a 18,600 income. We are both pensioners and no way to fulfill that rule. Is there actually any way around these rules that would get the problem solved. We seek nothing from Taxpayer- I get a small amount of Pension credit and we seem to manage on a single persons OAP. We save her Russian pension of around 200 a month and the option seems to be a regular 6 month application for her. I don't mind being in Moscow /Odintsovo meantime. Am I also going to need to be out in 90 days out of 180 IE spend 3 months without her or will anyone at airport notice if I leave and then return, as in a Kiev run?