View Full Version : too early for this you think?

07-09-2012, 14:08
Dear everybody,

Thanks once again for your kind words, and I'm thinking a little house warming party, what would you say? On the one hand, haven't had enough time to settle down properly yet, will barelly have unpacked by Sunday. On the other hand, why waste a beautiful weekend when feeling like celebrating? Usually I would try and get the Expats to do sports with me but am still in no condition for that, sadly. Am still a bit shell-shocked, shaky hands etc.

So are you coming, or are you coming? Zheleznodorozhny is east of Moscow, 30 min by train from Kurskaya railway station, or by bus from Novogireyevo or Vikhino. If it isn't convenient for you, I'll understand, but would love to see those who decide to come and see me. We could meet up, say, around 7pm at the station.