View Full Version : Dual nationality, travelling from Russia to Shengen country

24-10-2007, 00:13

My wife has dual nationality, is normally resident in the UK, and holds both Russian and UK passports. She wants to travel by train from Moscow to Helsinki, and then (the next day), fly from Helsinki back to the UK. However - how would this work from a passport perspective?

When arriving at the station in Moscow, she will need to show her Russian passport since Russia does not recognize dual citizenship. If she shows her UK passport then there will be trouble since it does not contain a Russian visa. However, if she shows her Russian passport then she will not be able to travel to Finland since her Russian passport does not contain a Shengen visa.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?


24-10-2007, 00:19
i think yopu will have to show your passport twice, once to each countries immigration, russian RF passport if not russian then UK passport. i asume it would be like flying, with border control ticketing and customs