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30-08-2012, 20:35
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he was one of the few Russian actors and Tv hosts that i will miss.
-Wait for me- / жди меня


was a program that i was watching as often as i could. because it brought people together who were lost since 50 years, from all over the world, from big cities or small villages. And he was even more genuine pleased than the people he helped to bring together. that was also the reason the program is so successful, with his co presenter Masha.
He will be missed sadly.
RIP indeed.

From the films at the bottom, watch Auschwitz A-5103, that was the kind of work the series and Igor Kvasha were known for. A compassionate man and he was never afraid to show it.

30-08-2012, 20:38
Sad news...

I couldn't watch that program for long as it made me cry...

31-08-2012, 14:26
He is also one of my favorite russian actors. It is very sad. RIP

31-08-2012, 14:58
Excellent actor and an utmost warm-hearted person. I surely will remember with with warmth. RIP.

31-08-2012, 15:27
Igor will live-on forever in the hearts of many Russians and in their living rooms :)