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21-08-2012, 06:38
I have a great room in a to rooms apartment from the end of September. Itís 7 minutes by foot from the metro Yugo-Zapadniy station, Akademik Anohin st. A new built flat on the 9th floor, guarded courtyard, concierge. Lots of trees in the yard: spruce, pine, ash, birch, aspen, alder, maple, cherry, pear, apple, exotic flowers. You can leave a bike or scooter. Itís a modern renovated apartment, laminate in rooms, tiles in bathroom and kitchen. There are a fridge, microwave, washing machine, everything is new. From furniture - 3 drawers, 2 cupboards, 3 tables, bed, sofa, two armchairs. The hosts are excellent. Open airy spaces in neighbourhood, lots of universities, no dark corners or narrow gates. It was opened an open air stadium on the Boulevard just about a weak ago - horizontal bars - about twenty, without mentioning the parallel bars or gymnastic ladders. Nearby there is also a large indoor sports complex with a climbing wall on the street. Close by IKEA, Auchan, Mega, Perekrostok. Rent 21,500 per month for a room without agent and prepayment.
Requirements: cleanliness, orderliness, no smoking in the apartment.
Contact igoryigory2 AT gmail.com