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18-08-2012, 01:02
Hi! I am looking for help to get additional information on how to obtain a Work License to work for a russian citizen, not an organization. I understand that, although it seems not to be well known and there's really little information about it online, there's something called a "Work License" that is different from a "Work Permit", which is for foreigners working for russian citizens.

A URL mentioning this license is below:


"In addition to the new program for highly qualified specialists, Russia also eased rules for individual Russian citizens who employ foreign nationals. Foreign nationals will no longer need to obtain work permits to work for individuals. Instead, they will obtain a work license which will be issued for one to three months initially and can be extended for a subsequent three-month period."

I am a webmaster for several Russian athletes and we are looking into finding a way for me to go to Russia to work for them, or officially for one of them without the insane hassle of a permit.

(We may try to get a permit anyway later under their respective sports federation.. but I work for the athletes directly..)

Does anyone have any additional knowledge or experience with this license? Since it's not a work permit, I don't know where they would go to get it. I also assume I would need a business visa, which I already have.


28-08-2012, 03:16
Hi! After further research, I learned that the work license is only available for those that don't require visas to enter Russia, and it's for household type activities only so it wouldn't apply to me. Question withdrawn :rolleyes:

28-08-2012, 12:57
Why not try a simple business visa?

As long you (ahem) 'do no paid work' while in Russia then you should be fine.