View Full Version : The Good Teacher

15-08-2012, 23:11
The good teacher is first ure friend. She will be someone u can trust and be close too. She always has time and will chat and discuss stuff. Everyday, her clothes are different cos she is never boring. If ure sad and stuff, she will know about it and ask what's up. She's funny and can bring u up when ure feeling low and she inspires u to want to do stuff in the class. She always gives rewards, a sweet, a hug, or a smile. She can never be angry cos she is a professional. She knows how to help u pass exams and gives clear advice so u just know exactly what to do. If someone in the class is against u, she will back u up and fix that also. When ure with her u feel someone is supporting u in all ways. She will always tell u funny stories and time will go fast. Any secret stays in her heart and our class is our kingdom and no one from outside shud be involved also cos we're loyal to that one person only- and she is loyal to us also. We wud never complain agianst her- she wud never complain against us also. She's not interested in rules and rubbish, just in making the class lovely and nice. She is mesmerizing, like a classical dancer, and the class is the performance cos she is entrancing.