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14-08-2012, 23:18
Hi everyone,

I've just arrived in Moscow and really loving the place so far.

I don't start my new job until next week so have lots of spare time until then.

Let me know if anyone would like to meet up for a few beers, coffee etc, whatever? Especially over the weekend...

I'm form the UK and enjoy partying, meeting new people especially from outside of work.

I should have a new no. tomorrow so just leave a MSG and I'll get back.

Looking forward to meeting some cool people,


15-08-2012, 20:22
Hey! Let me offer you my company :) Am not working at the moment so have enough free time. Can show you thruogh the city - siightseeing/bars - up to you :)

15-08-2012, 21:12
Hello both,

I'm having a foreign friend visiting me and Moscow for the next 2 weeks, so we are going to walk around Moscow, do sight-seeing and discover Moscow night life for sure.

You are welcome to join us, if this sounds tempting :) Anybody interested is welcome! PM me :)

Stevie, welcome to Moscow and to the forums!

Kassandra, haven't seen you for ages :( We should certainly do something about it!

16-08-2012, 01:05
Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies. It would definitely be cool to meet up.

How about Friday?

I still haven't got a sim card yet, but definitely on the to do list tomorrow.

I lived in Moscow a few years ago but have been away for 3 years so I don't need to shown around or anything. Just looking to meet people....


16-08-2012, 10:35
So this Friday :)
Inola, if this ok with you please post time and place to meet

16-08-2012, 11:13
Hello everyone!! I am Jessica from India and i am a newbie to this forum. Hope this forum helps me with the great info and nice to meet you all!!