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14-08-2012, 07:29

My Dad in the US want to send s me some money via western union, we have never used this method before and was wondering how it works?

from his end they are asking for a destination to send it too?? it was my understanding that he just went at his end gave them all my details deposit the money and then he gives me a tracking number

Any help muchos appreciated


14-08-2012, 07:57
Your father needs put the country where he is sending the money to. He needs to put your name and passport number (they ask for this when sending, Thailand to Russia)
You can collect from any Wester Union office.

You will need to complete a form with senders name, country of origin, expected amount, Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
and Passport number.
Take your registration as well.

14-08-2012, 13:03
I get money from me mum in the UK, just a few hundred dollars to help me.
Pick up can only be in dollars here.
Also, sender's name can be just first and family, but receiver's name must be same as passport.
Now be careful, cos if there's even one letter of a mistake in the name, they just won't give u the cash. So he must check not so much what he writes, but what the clerk writes in the western union store cos sometimes they just wrote it in a slip shod way. Like me, they write Yasmine in the store on their computer and that's how it got sent (despite me mum writing it perfectly accurately, though she didn't check what the clerk had encoded onto his computer) when me actual name is Jasmine.
In the UK no problem maybe, they wud give Yasmine\Jasmine, no worries, but this is Russia. One letter... and it's over! Thing must be resent and its a big hassle.
Once sent, ure dad must sms u the 9 number transfer code on the top right side of the slip. You must give this with ure name to get ure money, just like Nobby says.