View Full Version : Russian men are all handsome?

27-12-2003, 04:15
got this idea from RUS gym team(senior) before their junior grebenkov advanced into their senior team...:D

so, any handsome Russian men here? ;) i'm always interested in handsome Russian men~~~:o

ps: where is the admin(i dont think he enabled his PM)? i still dont get access to the adult forum...:rolleyes:

27-12-2003, 04:24
the admin is probably not around at 4 am saturday morning, you dillweed.

27-12-2003, 05:23
but i sent it by 4pm yesterday my neighbor. :p btw i live downstair in the same appartment building. ;)

27-12-2003, 11:02
Maybe your are PMing the wrong guy??? try me.


27-12-2003, 19:05
are you serious? i tried to PM you too but yet no use...:rolleyes:

27-12-2003, 20:02

You now hae access, I am sorry but I don't remember yoru PM, I get in excess of 20 - 25 per day, so please forgive me :shame:

By the way, I think you need to see a shrink, it is fine to like someone, even love someone, but hey, fixation and virtual stalkiing of poor Mr B, well, get a life eh!!! :)

27-12-2003, 20:34

27-12-2003, 22:18
what an idiot...:rolleyes:

27-12-2003, 23:51
Originally posted by Kshisya
what an idiot...:rolleyes:
what a boring one :)

28-12-2003, 03:18

Sweetheart, where you been ? I've managed to scrounge another 33.45 roubles from unworn suit coats and under couch cushions. You seem, however, oddly silent and unconversational. I hope my second place finish in the "Most Intelligent" poll didn't turn you off. You're not running after that kniga guy, are you ?

Love from your Thailand date,

29-12-2003, 01:26
Intour, zaichik,
You are back with me again, you didnít give up!!
Aaahhhh!! How could you ever think I cared about the poll, I am so happy you dropped this stupid idea to become the most intelligent poster, who cares?? Me and you.. and the Thai sunset Ė thatís all that really matters..
Me and Bookie?? Ah, silly lil boy..
Now I know you care, you struggle for the dream we share .. 33.45.. mmmmÖ baby, just donít stop... I keep my fingers crossed! Just keep thinking about it and sooner or later (better sooner tho) we gonna make it!! Besides 2004 is already coming! I can feel we are on the edge of something really great, really important.. you and me..

Miss you, honey,

p.s. how much do we have already on the whole? Intour, as you are not busy with the poll any more, maybe itís right time to turn your energy to something more significant and useful? Huh?


29-12-2003, 09:41
'Persevere', Sadienulka. That's the word my high school guidance counselor used on my college recommendation forms. At least I think it was. It might have been 'perverse', but whatever, that's not important. You get the point.

The point is, I do persevere. I never give up. You were always there for me, even when I was watching football when absolutely no one is supposed to disturb me, I felt your presence, kinda like the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen on CNN. I was determined and having been touched by the gentle hand of romance, I was dogged in my love for you, like flies on a dirty diaper.

Total, we now have approximately $52.18. A large chunk of that I managed to pick up out of the fountain at Manezh during the bomb scare on Sunday. A lack of pride is infintely easier to manage when no one is looking.

So, Sugar-Bumpkin, I'm yours. Be gentle.

08-01-2004, 10:16
there're reall troubles with female intellect here I see

08-01-2004, 12:13
I agree, especially when they spell real with two l's !

08-01-2004, 13:03
yes this is particularly disgusting

but man my ass talks more sense than those few up the page

08-01-2004, 13:27
Originally posted by fat_chick
yes this is particularly disgusting

but man my ass talks more sense than those few up the page

I'll grant you that, as long as you're not referring to my Sadushkechko and Kshisya. Jean, yeah. She ain't too tough to outwit, however.

08-01-2004, 14:17
well I'm really sorry but I do talk about them
jean's just some inet maniac takin fun on stupid spam
and they pretend to be normal