View Full Version : A girl from Moscow seeks interesting friends for English\Russian communication

19-10-2007, 11:44
Hi expats !!!
I'm Olga, a girl from Moscow, a natinve russian speaker.
I want to improve English skills and meet an interesting
foreign friend only for intercultural communication. I'm
looking for a native English speaker, who would talk about
Russian culture, politics, history, visit lots of interesting
places in Moscow: museaum, concert halls, cafes. Also, if you
want, I can try to improve your Russian skills.
I'm not interesting in your nationality or color of your skin,
age, sex or gender. I'm looking for interesting person for
language skills exchange. If you are interested in pleasant
communication, wants to know more about Moscow, Russia,
please PM me.

Best regards,

Andy B
19-10-2007, 11:51
Hi Olga, good luck with your seach.

I have deleted your duplicated posts, one should be enough :)