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19-10-2007, 01:28
Hi......to all,
I am an animal lover and would like to go on an animal safari to Kenya in the great "Masai Mara Game Reserve" ,"Serengeti", Tanzania.......
Please can any one tell me any information, about how to go there, any travel agency that organizes tours for Africa, The requirements...how to get the visas, the average overall expenses...... u r experience if u have been there......or anything regarding this...as i really dont have any idea nor i know any one who has been there.....so please...help...i will be extremly thankfull to you,,,!!!!:wavey:

19-10-2007, 07:20
I highly recommend TA Tours, based in Nairobi: TA Tours and Travel - We go the extra mile for that extra touch - Let us handle all your Tours and Safaris (http://www.tatourskenya.com/) . Ask for Teresa, and tell her the recommendation came from a friend in Moscow.

There are two big issues with safaris:

1. Decisions. There are MANY variations. Buy a guidebook to Kenya or Tanzania and read it closely to figure out what you really want. Don't contact the travel agent until you've narrowed down your selection. You can PM me too; I've got an extra copy I can loan you.

2. Cost. A safari is expensive. Excluding airfare, prepare yourself for a $250 per person per day. This is because the infrastructure is greater than usual for such isolated resorts (planes, runways, sewage, electricity), and the governments see tourists as a source of income ($50/day park fees, minimum). Note that there's no easy way to economize; just tell your travel agent ahead of time what your budget is.

And then enjoy it. It truly is the experience of a lifetime!


19-10-2007, 09:05
When it comes to game viewing be careful what season you choose to go....

When there is plenty rain during summer months the leafy trees, tall thick grasses make viewing difficult...

Usually the period between summer into winter is best, april to june, however.

Take mosquito spray and cream, go for top brands, and use often. its preferable than taking anti malaria tablets.

Try and get to Zanzibar for a few days sun and sea while you there :):):)

As others have said,,,, costs can get high, as game viewing is considered luxury leisure,

There are few things comparible to being at a waterhole watching game at sunset...

19-10-2007, 15:21
Кения - Страны - Туристическая компания Содис (http://www.sodis.ru/disp?s=country&id=86)

I used them - no problem, had great time in Kenia

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