View Full Version : Question re visa for highly qualified specialist

25-07-2012, 12:57
Hello, can eny of you help me with the following issue?

I have just agreed with a client that they will hire me as a highly qualified specialist on the basis of a grazhdansko-pravovoi kontrakt for a period of two years (and not an employment contract). We have prepared all the documents and seems everything is in order. However the problem is: the agency which is (allegedly) providing us with support with the procedure does not know anything about the grazhdansko pravovoi option as they only have experience with the trudovoi dogovor type.
The main point of the agreement is that I d prefer to pay taxes directly and not though the company which is hiring me.
Has any of you had experience with such issues? Can you recommend an agency which is actually competent and helpful?

12-09-2012, 00:16
Is it still actual for you?