View Full Version : The circuis on Vernadskogo

Maine Surfer
25-12-2003, 13:44
Just wanted to share some info.

Over the last weekend we went to the Big curcuis on Vernadskogo M Universitet. The show is called Svad'ba soek and it's really-really good. They have regular, ice and water stages. All of us enjoyed it. The performance was great, but circuis' employees just suck. Typical soviet style service at its best starting from box office. Still well worth a visit.

Word of advise about tickets. All seats are good. Front row is VIP and about 1000 rubles a seat, and last row one is around 100 rubles. The trick is that you can see everything sitting up high as well if not better than down by stage. I tried to buy cheapest tickets, and babushka at the box office said they were sold out of them. We get in later, and the place is half empty with virtually no one sitting on the highest row. I ended up spending 200 rubles per ticket. Still not bad.

Strongly reccomend ;)