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17-07-2012, 23:09

My wife will be in Moscow and Perm (primarily Moscow) for 6 days and her cell phone from the US will not work. Can anyone suggest a place where she can purchase a basic cell phone as inexpensively as possible?

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Anya Stulikhina
17-07-2012, 23:13
Every mobile phone shop has cheap nokia phones (the price starts from 20$)

17-07-2012, 23:22
Agree with Anya.

Every metro station is surrounded by countless number of so-called "salon svyazee", mobile phone shops, your wife definitey won't miss them. Cheap phones' prices start with $20-25/

17-07-2012, 23:23
Hi Levington,

Megafon mobile op sells his simplest device called Minifon TDS-12 or alike for 299 rub (less than 10 Dirty Green Papers) now, with SIM card, but zero balance - needed to top it just in the office. It is locked, so it's possible to use only with Megafon SIM.


It is as basic as possible - only SIM card memory, SMS, alarm clock and that's all. Only 2 languages are built-in, Russian and English

If your wife arrives to Moscow by air, then in Sheremetyevo (SVO) airport Megafon has client POS in terminals F, D (1st fl) and in the gallery to Aeroexpress train.

They also have office in Domodedovo (DME) airport.
http://moscow.megafon.ru/help/offices/our_offices/ - their offices in Moscow

http://mobile.beeline.ru/msk/abonent/offices.wbp - Beeline mobile op offices

http://www.mts.ru/help/mts/?tab=shop - MTS mobile op offices

As loseki said, there are another mobile offices with not very expensive phones:
http://euroset.ru/ - these should be in airports too.
See their logos at upper left corners of these pages and look in the streets or in shopping malls, they're op-independent.

aka Tom
18-07-2012, 04:47
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18-07-2012, 11:01
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Welcome, NP. ;)
What, you also send your dear to Russia? :suspect:

18-07-2012, 14:45
Spasibo (?) to all.

I actually live in Florida but as I said, my wife is in Russia on business until next Monday and I'm very concerned.

She'll be in Perm sometime today and then to Moscow tomorrow until she leaves.

So as not to violate any rules of the forum, I'll leave it at this. She is a jazz singer and will be performing in 2 different Moscow venues. If it is ok, I'll leave details in a separate post.

Once again, thank you.

18-07-2012, 16:14
There is no forum rules violation yet ;)
I wish your wife a great success in both Perm' and Moscow.