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06-07-2012, 00:12
Hi All,

I have been working in Moscow now for 12 months doing the newbie job at a McEnglish school, I have been offered an extended stay with them for as long as I like but only on a full time basis and not part time as I had requested, however as all ESL teachers are aware there is much more $$$ to be made outside these leeching schools then within.

My question then is this..
What visa are the teachers who are not currently employed with a school using, are they teaching on a business visa and returning home every year to renew and hoping not to get caught by the authorities or is there some other way to obtain a work visa without the school giving you the invitation.

I don't want to risk any chance of being caught by authorities teaching on a business visa and be deported, having to leave behind my wife.

In advance thanks for any and all help.

Jas :bowdown:

06-07-2012, 00:39
Every year? With a business visa you'd have to do a visa run every 90 days, and they're not cheap.

If your wife is Russian, apply for a TRP maybe

06-07-2012, 00:56
Thanks Babyfirefly for your response.

Whilst my wife is Russian she is also not from Moscow so as I was aware this affects the TRP situation as the quota is linked to the city of birth of the spouse, hopefully I am wrong in this information.

Someone else mentioned to me that starting a business with Russian partners was a way to achieve this goal as well, is this a possible option and does anyone know of someone who has done this?

06-07-2012, 01:29
Do you own an apartment in Moscow or Moscow Oblast? Or maybe you have a close friend or relative who would be willing to let you register in their apartment? If so, you could get a residence permit. I think that would be the cheapest and most tax efficient way (excluding illegal options).
So I would recommend you ask some of your friends if they could help you with that. Maybe they can also help your wife with her propiska.

Another option would be to register a company, which would allow you hire yourself and get a work permit. However, it's very expensive because of taxes that have to be paid when employing staff: 22% pension tax, 2,9% social security tax, 5,1% medical tax, 13% income tax.
Someone else recently went through the company registration process, so you could ask him: LucasPragueCZECH - http://expat.ru/forum/member.php?u=1752362248

06-07-2012, 01:50
Also see the following thread about working as an individual entrepreneur when you have a residence permit: http://expat.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=412272

Summary: your tax rate would be made up of 2 components
1. approx. 16000 rubles (fixed) per year, which covers pension, social security and medical taxes
2. 6% of your total revenue