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DJ Biscuit
23-12-2003, 14:55
Don't know if this should be a poll, thread or a thought that would have been better kept to myself, but who has made the best posts overall this year?

23-12-2003, 15:26
Kshisya! :D

23-12-2003, 15:37
Jolly Joker :D

Jules you are ****ing sexy. :D

23-12-2003, 15:58
jules! dont ya underestimate me like that!! :D:D *spanK* :p

Punch why the hell you didnt come to the concert?? :rolleyes:

23-12-2003, 16:18
Intourist !

Hugh Jass
23-12-2003, 16:20
Intourist !

Ivana Tinkle
23-12-2003, 16:22
Intourist !

Ben Dover
23-12-2003, 16:24
Intourist !

23-12-2003, 16:24
My baby Intourist is the best, even though I had to let him go to the arms of a so-called "real" woman. Damn her and her biologically-correct plumbing!

Come back to me, sweetiekins, all is forgiven.

If you love something, set if free
If it comes back to you, it's yours
If it doesn't, it never was.

23-12-2003, 16:27
Intourist !

23-12-2003, 16:27
well cant say that i follow but for me it seems that the poster of the year is DaveUKagain :D

23-12-2003, 16:42
Okay, sorry everyone. Just fooling around with all those votes and names. :) Hope I didn't wreck the thread too much. Just goofing off a little.

My vote for best overall poster would have to be split, since best can be many-faceted. For me, 'best' implies most interesting, well written, thought provoking, amusing, and (being a public forum) friendly.

I would therefore place a vote for kniga, this site's most well-spoken (written), informative, and downright affable (or conciliatory when necessary) poster.

I also found mokliak to be a provocative poster this year. Like him or hate him, he had a lot of us up in arms, including myself, and engaging people in thought and discussion as deeply as mokliak did, hostile or not, is certainly a skill.

Punch, I find to be the most consistently amusing persona on this site. His seemingly endless antics amuse me to no end.

DJ Biscuit
23-12-2003, 17:05
My votes go like this:

Kshisya, obviously!!!!!!!!!!
;) :o

DaveUK, bright, witty, intelligent and decent
Intourist, same as above, perhaps without the decent bit :D

23-12-2003, 17:55
Hehee ! Thank you kindly, folks - honestly, no creeping here, but this site`s a great little place where we go nuts, fight, squabble, agree, disagree, fall out and make up - a nice little community on the internet. And always something to talk about. ;-)))))

Who IS the poster of the year ? Truth be told, I don`t know (ain`t me !!! ) - but it`s a pleasure to be here (at least in electronic prescence) with you all and - two days early (and wwwwaaaayyyy early for the Russian contingent) but Happy Christmas to you all, wherever you are. :D

Go on, now you`ve got a chance to unwrap the presents early..... ;-)))))))))))))

23-12-2003, 17:56
DJ :inlove: :D SHShshHSHHSHHSHHHShshs lets give some other person a bit of glory ;) i've got enough :rolleyes: can even share my own :p


23-12-2003, 17:57
:eek: ooPs ! forgot we are in Cafe not in Bardak:shame: Actualy i wanted to attach something like...:rolleyes: .....;)....

23-12-2003, 18:09
Kshisya -From naked woman to teddy bear in under ten seconds. A woman for all occasions ! Mwah, you Christmas vixen.

DJ, why, thank you :) I'm flattered to make the list, even (or perhaps all the moreso) if it means taking the 'indecent' label :)

23-12-2003, 18:35
INtouR oh well *shrug* i'm here to entertain ppl and myself so not surprising :p

DJ Biscuit
23-12-2003, 18:37
Modesty from Intourist? Can I have my vote back from the most intelligent etc poll? :)