View Full Version : How can EU expat in Russia skip as many taxes as possible?

Akila Pils
22-12-2003, 23:42
Any bright ideas?

I'm in the middle of wage negotiations, but I have no idea how to optimize the tax system. I would come to work for Belgian company after winter.

my issues:
how does it all work?
can anyone give me a quick overview ... and some practical advice ?

The more I keep, the more I'll be able to buy you all a beer in reward. ;)

Akila Pils
22-12-2003, 23:58
So, i assume we all pay an income tax around 13% right?

So then, you get double taxed in your homecountry?
And how you deal with insurance & pensions? All private?

Any Belgians in here?

DJ Biscuit
23-12-2003, 12:23
I am paid here and therefore happily pay Russian taxes of 13%. That means that I am not obliged to pay taxes back home, (England)especially as I am there around 14 days a year.

23-12-2003, 12:29
Most expats from Europe benefit from taxation agreements, Akila. You pay taxes in the country you`re in, not the country you come from.

As for skipping taxes, woooo, you`ve been reading too many novels. ;-)))))) There`s always loopholes for the ultra rich, but if you`re going to Russia to be a "normal person" on a "normal salary" (even an expat one) then the standard rules are most likely to apply. And 13% ain`t bad, Akila. ;-)))))))