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21-06-2012, 15:59
g´day mates,

i am now owner of an ip but i am going to work in the consultancy business )language teaching will be incorporated in this).
Question now it would it be more beneficial to do this via OOO instead of ip ?

Beneficial in the meaning of:

1 Tax writing off a lot of stuff
2. legally easier

another question is there a list of all things we can write off here in russia from the tax (e.g. restaurant visits with clients, presents for clients, ...)

21-06-2012, 16:33
I think IP is better as you pay a fixed tax and that's it. OOO the accounts is cumbersome.

21-06-2012, 17:01
Both entity types are able to use the simplified or full accounting systems. As already mentioned, full accounting is cumbersome. Russian accounting rules are different, and that makes it impractical to use software like Quicken, Myob or any other package developed for the English speaking world. You'll probably have to hire a full-time accountant if you have anything more than a few transactions each month.

If you use simplified accounting, you can choose to be taxed at 6% of revenue or 15% of profit. The rate for companies using the full accounting system is 20%.

Alinga Consulting has a basic summary here: http://www.acg.ru/english/news2.phtml?m=5093

The list of expenses which can be deducted under the simplified system can be found here: http://ru.wikisource.org/wiki/Налоговый_кодекс_РФ/Глава_26.2 (go to 346.16)
Or in English: http://www.rusresident.info/tax_code_tax_code/part_two_2/section_viiia1a_special_tax_regimes/chapter_26a2a_simplified_tax_system/article_346a16a_costing/