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Billie Bob
22-12-2003, 11:38
I got a laugh out of this, read it in the Maxim russian journal. Top Ten Price Guide Ideas for Russian Taxi Service (tho' I didn't understand all of them) enjoy.

1. ask the taxi driver (TD) does he take 10 rubles
2. ask the TD to turn off that Crap (music) for 15 rubles
3. ask the TD to turn that off and put in your cassette, 30 rubles.
4. stuff a 50 ruble note in his mouth (??) [for laughs?]
5. ? Дать таксисту по голове монтировкой -100рублей\удар ?
6. Ask for a Female Taxi Driver, 300 rubles
7. Ask for a Blonde, Hot & Sexy TD for $50.00 / hour
8. Ask the TD to drive down the "Oncoming Traffic Side" for 100 rubles + shtraff + compensation for the injured
9. Ask the TD not to drive on the wrong side of the road, 200 rubles.
10. Don't pay the TD for the drive, ?? удар по голове монтировкой?

well, I got a laugh out of it...

:reindeer: Merry Christmas y'all.:reindeer: :reindeer: