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08-06-2012, 19:11
In the Russian capital, where rush-hour traffic lasts past midnight, the Mayor has decided to make the city more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. But Will drivers finally give way?

Ped-only in Moscow (http://www.worldcrunch.com/city-famous-its-traffic-jams-creating-pedestrian-only-zones/5595)

Some pics I've seen posted here have actual ped crossing xPed signs at crosswalks. Since when did those come about ... and do drivers pay any attention to them (rhetorical question) :question:

gridlock : a traffic jam in which a grid of intersecting streets is so completely congested that no vehicular movement is possible

New York City

In New York City, drivers who "block the box" are subject to a moving violation that comes with a US$90.00 penalty. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, noting that the ten minute ticketing process actually contributes to overall traffic congestion, has recently asked the New York State Legislature to remove “blocking the box” from the moving violation category. This reclassification would give more traffic agents authority to write tickets and change the current ticketing procedure, which requires that the issuing officer physically stop the violating car in traffic.


Tony P
08-06-2012, 19:24
Odd thinking behind the article?

So the way to reduce 'rush hour traffic' is to ban it at weekends?

Now call me old fashioned if you will, but I thought, by definition, a 'rush hour' was a weekday to/from work feature.

Secondly, and if so, maybe nothing new to Moscow Mayoral Wives territory -
I wonder if this will lead to further huge orders for pedestrian zone paving bricks from a company, I read somewhere, was connected to Mrs S.