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06-06-2012, 14:12
In a lot of countries this question would be a no brainer but for here I have to ask as I have nothing to go on.

So, do I chuck it out or try and have it repaired?

06-06-2012, 14:57
give us a clue......

What's wrong with it?

What make and model is it?

How old is it?

Is it under warranty?

How many sheets has it printed?

Many inkjet printers are sold cheaply, and the manufacturer realises their profit from selling accessories, usually in the form of refill cartridges.

If it is a domestic level, as opposed to an industrial level, the platen roller may wear out, from gripping and feeding the paper through, after 5000, or 10000 sheets. These components are designed with an "MTBF" (mean time between failures).

It depends on how much use it gets, and the type of use. If it is printing, but looks a little blurred, it should be a case of cleaning and re-aligning the printheads.

You need to elaborate on what the problem is, though, to get more specific help!

06-06-2012, 15:13
Thank you. It is a home/domestic model All in One Canon Pixma MP150 scanner printer in good condition. Just stopped to print from one moment to another, the error given is that there is a paper jam. Nothing in there however, go figure.

No warranty, as it is was bought in Europe.

I am aware that printers is not where the money is made but on accessories and so the above question.

06-06-2012, 15:42
Did the last sheet that you printed come out intact? (Are you the only one that uses the printer?)

You can lift the scanning bed, presumably this would be how you would replace the ink cartridges. See if you can see any bits of paper. A sensor will be obstructed, or will detect that the paper isn't feeding correctly. (You may get an "out of paper" error).

Sometimes, depending on the paper quality and type, there may be paper particles / dust which may block the sensor. It would be worth unplugging the printer and cleaning the inside, to remove any dust. The recommended way for this would be to blow, as opposed to suck the debris out, being careful not to knock or damage anything.

Next, with the printer still unplugged, I would try moving the printhead along it's roller, to see if there is any more rubbish accumulated where it normally "parks".

You can leave the printhead away from it's normal position and plug the printer back in and switch it on. It should go through a diagnostic test and re-park the printhead.

If this still doesn't work, I would try "helping" the paper through, assuming that the printer is trying to pull paper through - it may drag any bits through with it, and clear the jam.

06-06-2012, 16:00
... The recommended way for this would be to blow, as opposed to suck the debris out, being careful not to knock or damage anything.

:10220: A can of compressed air is useful.

06-06-2012, 16:03
Already tried....

06-06-2012, 16:18
Already tried....

Tried what???



Moving the printhead?


Manually feeding / helping / forcing the paper through?

You said it was "in good condition"... how many sheets, approximately, have you printed? How many times have you replaced the cartridges?

You could also disconnect the power AND PC cable (assuming it isn't wireless), remove any attachments, turn it upside-down and give it damn good shake....

If the less aggressive solutions don't fix it, you need to be more invasive. I wouldn't have a problem dismantling it, but you need to be methodical and patient!

06-06-2012, 23:26
Blowing and sucking I reserve for better things :) but on a serious note basically did most of the things that you suggested including giving it a good shake. The one or two that I missed from your list I will attempt tonight. As for the number of pages, really how do you expect me to have an answer for this! I do not think I will try and dismantle it, no patience for this......

Thank you for your input. Appreciate

06-06-2012, 23:32
As for the number of pages, that was why I asked how many times you had changed the cartridges!

1 black cartridge may equate to 100, or to 500 pages, depending on the size of the cartridge...

If you had remembered putting 20 black cartridges in, I would have suggested that you don't waste your time on it!

Good luck!

07-06-2012, 11:13
Thanks PeteD for all the suggestions. Cartridges used possibly 10+-......
So after another shake this morning and some blowing etc. I think I will need to go out and get another one, preferably a wireless/network printer.....!