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03-06-2012, 20:43
Afternoon all,

My wife has recently gone back to Moscow to "think about our marriage" - I don't hold out much hope to be honest.

Quick specific question: (We have no children from our marriage). After we got married my wife sold her apartment to pay off lots of debts and bought a smaller apartment with the remaining money. She then moved here to the UK. My name is NOT listed on the deeds for the property and I did not live there as I was back in the UK setting up home etc for her arrival (there was only 4 months between the marriage and her arriving in the UK).

She has been in touch with a UK lawyer asking about marital rights to my property and therefore I'm returning the favour.

As far as I can tell from http://www.divorceinrussia.com/spousal.htm I am entitled to a proportion of any property bought AFTER the marriage.

Is this correct (best guesses welcome)?

Are there any caveats that I would need to be aware of?

03-06-2012, 21:09
She won't be able to get marital rights to your property in UK before marriage which is the common law in many countries. Same thing in Russia but she bought the property after the marriage so you have the rights to 50% of her property. BUT again, this is Russia and you're a foreigner. The courts usually side with the Russians against the foreigners in most cases since she used her money from old apartment to pay for the new apartment so don't hold your breath. You would need to contact your divorce lawyer in UK first since she could try to get alimony support. Sorry to hear about your situation.

05-07-2012, 21:23
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05-07-2012, 21:29
Are you really looking for hope (for the marriage)?
I don't get that impression.

Things, property, money come and go. You don't get that many shots at a family.

When I was considering divorce, I simply declared everything in Russia hers, and offered no contest on child custody. I focused on being honorable, and I think that helped me ultimately save my marriage, which I do not regret. I can see clearly now that the regrets would have been all on the other side.

If you live for yourself, that's all you get - yourself.

Wishing you the best...

05-07-2012, 22:07
Remington is right. Anything purchased AFTER the marriage is a subject to division 50-50.
I do not think that anybody can claim an alimony in UK, but check with a barrister.