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30-05-2012, 15:33
Hi All,

Am moving to Moscow for the next 2 years starting end of June and wanted to see whether its easy to find a job or references here..

Am an international Legal Consultant with expertise in the Corporate Commercial, Banking and Finance, Investment Banking, IPT and Employment fields.

Most of my work maybe and is conducted in the English language in addition to the Arabic native language where I can provide advises in addition to the review and amendment/addendum or other services needed by any entity and/or individual.

The hard fact is that I do not speak the Russian language however will be working on adapting to throughout my stay here.

I would appreciate any sort of feedback and info to where I can start off. Including if anyone is interested in my services.

Thanks ALL,


30-05-2012, 17:14
Hi Amer !

I suggest you start with headhunter.ru, place your CV there and see how it goes.

Probably not gonna be easy, but I wish you luck.