View Full Version : Men's Health Urbanatholon--Park Gorkogo

29-05-2012, 12:04
There's some sort of race sponsored by Men's Health in Park Gorkogo on June 2nd (this sunday).

It's 10 kilometers total but involves a bunch of obstacle-course type things from what I can tell. It's free to enter and there's a pretty big prize purse. 2-man, 1-man 1-woman, or 2-woman teams. I'm looking for a partner if anyone is interested.

03-06-2012, 23:01
It was yesterday and several friends did it. 7.5km.I am spending June believe it or not doing shorter races to complement my high volume training in order to get my speed back after all this long stuff I have done. Over the course of 28 days here's what i did- 100k half marathon and marathon( not for the faint of heart and requires legs that can recover fast)

22-4 100k World and European Championships 38th in the world 25 in Europe PR to boot

1-05 2 mi xc run -won but legs still heavy for obvious reasons

6-05 HUGE MISTAKE did a half - EPIC FAIL and nearly TEN minutes off my half pre 100k - simply not recovered yet

10-05 1000m time trial race(trying to get legspeed back) 5000m tempo run thereafter

20-05 marathon as a training run-first long run post 100k finished 2nd to another lady also using this as a long training run who ran with me at 100k Worlds-she was 3rdthere ;) it was our "cooldown" :D

26-05 10k speed still in the toilet from the marathon/tempo run ( I need 8 -10 days before I'm speedy again even after a training marathon) barely eek into 3rd place time 3+min slower than usual. Yuck! 2 days later- legs fast again...go figure! Usually I don't race at least til day 8 post marathon but prizes were too good to pass up.

Yesterday- won the 2 mi xc race ran a course PR.....legs are beginning to move again!

Almost everything has been cancelled for june:( I wanted to do the Bitsevsky xc half on the 12th but it's been cancelled :( Zelenograd Half also cancelled for June....pooo

Never tried Urbanathlon. I'm more into gnarly trails and xc runs that may involve creek crossings, log jumps, other fun stuff...mud....