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Maine Surfer
18-12-2003, 14:12
My wife can't speak Russian. Although she has help with everyday work, she needs someone to talk to in English. Are there any good places to go meets other expats and get some advise on kids, schools etc? I've heard of Starlite Diner, but it quite far. Anything in the south-west? Would appreciate any help.

I also found her a private teacher for 4$/ hour who will come to our appartment. Is it expensive?


18-12-2003, 15:24
That is a very good price for a teacher. Average I found is about 10 USD/hour

18-12-2003, 15:33
I'm afraid there isn't much to so in the south-west. Anything that's beyond the Garden Ring is more or less "expat-dead".

I agree with psiems - you got it dirt cheap. For what I know should be 10-15 bucks. Watch out for the quality of her lessons

18-12-2003, 16:27
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18-12-2003, 17:03
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18-12-2003, 17:07
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18-12-2003, 17:10
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18-12-2003, 18:22
This may sound a little weird, but I actually recommend going on one of the Patriarshy Dom tours. People who go on them around this time actually live in Moscow (i.e. are not tourists) and are very nice. I've met quite a few people that way.

18-12-2003, 18:28
There are quite a few expats clubs - the International Women's Club is open to all female non-Russian passport holders (or Russian women married to non-Russian passport holders) and there are similar clubs in most embassies, depending on her nationality and yours (some allow different passport holders to join if their husband is a passport holder of that nation).

I think I read earlier that you have a daughter - maybe your wife can meet people through your daughter's school or where you're living, and some companies have social meetings for wives, etc.

Can't think of anything else at the moment, but hope this helps.


18-12-2003, 19:30
re-reading my post, it occurred to me that i should post a disclaimer that i am not affiliated with Patriarshy Dom tours in any way (i am a lawyer after all - we love disclaimers)

Maine Surfer
19-12-2003, 10:20
Thanks guys, I hope it helps too.

Been to Rockland, never heard of North Haven actually