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18-12-2003, 03:06
I recently came back to Russia so the whole Russian vs. expat thing is alien to me. Was picking up a takeout tonight in an expat hangout (the food sucks but it just across from my apartment) and met a few expats while I was waiting.

Type 1: 1 year in Russia, was warning others of "security" and hinting that I have relocated from Cyprus and smth to do with return of Russian capital from there. The level of paranoia and stupidity was beyond hilarious.

Type 2: Travels to Russia often for the last few years. Polite but condescending. Found it funny (doubt that he can match my education, salary, travel etc)

Type 3: Lives in Russia for 10 years - Diagnosis: Normal!!:)

Makes you wonder...

18-12-2003, 22:54
Originally posted by Graffiti
Polite but condescending. Found it funny (doubt that he can match my education, salary, travel etc)

Makes you wonder...

It does indeed, it makes me wonder what he must of said to you if his condescendence outstrips (or is even more arrogant) than what you say about him on a public forum (even if you don't name him)....

How on earth can you make a comment like that about someone after chatting to them whilst waiting for your food order in 'an expat hangout', where by the way if the 'food sucks' why bother going? why not, erm, cook?

19-12-2003, 09:21
Frustrated - questionable education, Russian! Prtobably bribed her way through University..

Why is it these idiots walk around thinking they have an education when they've graduated???? I'm a psychologist, I'm an economist, I'm a lawyer....... no, you're not ANYTHING till you've qualified thoses scraps of paper with working and living experience..

Sorry, just a really annoying thing I've noted with Russian folk here.. no marks....the whole cultural thing is another mythe just like the women being so great..

Unfounded arrogance.

19-12-2003, 09:27
I do kinda like the women here though!

19-12-2003, 12:39
You are perfectly right - the education does not mean much without the context. I was not educated in Russia hence, probably, the deficiencies :D , and I did not graduate yesterday etc... but that's besides the point. It should not have happened in the first place. On the positive side, at least I have immunization now.

Ps: Gee... I never throught I'll live to a day I would miss political correctness.

19-12-2003, 12:55
Yes, and the best pizza in town is in the Boarhouse, and we all love to cook when we finish work late. I've always been Russian, and I always was surrounded by foreigners, hence I did not expect anything to change. It is not about that guy per se, I found it to be an interesting experience in general.

19-12-2003, 13:11

my academic education spans USA and Uk, and in the US I became a genius in cultural studies - however, the standards were awful and I was downgraded on my return to the UK, so, I would say you probably did get a crap education in the states..

Political correctness - we don't really need guidelines to make us better liars than we are...........



19-12-2003, 14:08
PC at least saves you from the insults in your face.
I was only enriching my "working and living experience" in the US, my royal education is untainted. . :D Anyway, I am over it, but no talking to expat strangers from now on.:p

19-12-2003, 14:38
Number 1 and 2 are probably pretty nice people. Did you ever consider it might be you who is the w***k**

19-12-2003, 15:15
Originally posted by Graffiti
Yes, and the best pizza in town is in the Boarhouse

It wasn't bad the last time (albeit a while ago) I was there...not the best in town I'll agree, but pretty good as things go.

and we all love to cook when we finish work late.

I always do and I usually get back to my flat at about 23:00...I'm sure that this is later than most people on this board.

I've always been Russian, and I always was surrounded by foreigners

You're not one of these russians who thinks that because they speak english, have lived abroad and studied outside of russia that you are somehow better than other russians are you???....

Do you find it cool to sit in cafes and talk about which visa-needing countries you've visited...I have heard this a few times believe it or not...makes me choke on my overpriced coffee with laughter!!

Also, if you don't like the above situation, why did you choose to study abroad?? Or was it 'mummy and daddy's' choice??

By the way, I am also no fan of PCness, but if you are then you have picked the WRONG forum...most of us here are from countries where it is rammed down our throats and we enjoy life in russia for the very reason that it is not!!;)

19-12-2003, 15:41
Of course I am a wanker - why else would I be here communicating with my peers?

19-12-2003, 15:53
What I find annoying about this debate is the premise that Western education and experience somehow makes you a better person (this goes for expats and western-educated Russians alike). It really annoys me when expats treat the Russians they work with as if they are less than intelligent. Intelligence and ability to learn count for a lot.

Now back to work so that I can get out before midnight.

19-12-2003, 16:23
I am not too fond of cooking anyway to put it mildly. :) As for the rest you are right. Here comes a big secret - Abramovich is my daddy and he paid for my education all the way. And I love to talk about Tbilisi and the Baltics (visa+ 3 visas) as well as East Asia, Africa etc. You missed my point - I did not face it abroad so it was surprising to find it here - it was counterintuitive for me. I was just thinking what would make people behave that way, and of course, the superficial things come first since we are not talking about the long lasting relationship. Besides, I cannot spell in Russian properly.