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Len Ganley Stance
08-10-2007, 14:45
The All Blacks didn’t like it at all when the French faced up to the Haka on Saturday. Chabal is one scary dude and I love the way he mouths ‘Merde’ at the end of it. Top man


This is also a good one as well from the All Blacks vs. Tonga

YouTube- The Haka - New Zealand Vs Tonga

But my favourite ever is this one, which really riled the All Blacks and they complained that it was disrespectful. My question would be, why should the Kiws be allowed get away with an adrenalin rush before the game.


Next time Ireland play the All Blacks, the Irish intend doing a spot of ‘River Dancing’ whilst the All Blacks do the Haka. The Irish team are hopefully better at that than we were playing rugby during this tournament.

And before any of the Kiwis on here have a go at me, have a look at how the Haka looked in the 1979 – absolutely hilarious.....

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And finally, check out Chabal’s tackle here 45 seconds in. He absolutely cleans the bloke out........

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