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15-05-2012, 20:52
the course is now ready and we will start next week.Anyone still interested check it out on www.tasterussia.ru, ask for Victoria.And i can blow my horn a little bit, since i will be conducting the (cooking) lessons.

Part one
1 Introduction
2 Mother knows best
3 It is a fact of live / How to prevent allergies
4 - 8 Food for kids
9-10 Fiber tips, healthy foods
11-12 Dinner time
13 Soy milk
14 Soy- versus Cow milk, Goats milk
15 -16 Breakfast Dishes
17- 18 Calcium, that important..
19 Pumping Iron
Heme/non Heme iron
20 - 21 Sweet side of life
21 - 24 Cholesterol in kids
25 Snacking- Mini Meals
26 - 28 Ideas for snacking and Mini Meals
29 - 30 Brain Food
31 - 32 Kids get sick
What are Probiotics?
33 - 34 Kids donít want to eat
Healthy Meal Suggestions
35 Tempting Snacks
36- 38 Allergies
What is a food Allergy?
What is a food Intolerance?
39- 40 What to Drink
What your kid can drink
Choosing drinks to be used in Moderation
Drinks that should be avoided
41- 45 My Kid does not want to eat
Tempting new ideas for Lunch and Dinner
46 - 48 So much food and nothing to eat
59 A fishy tale
Which fish are -no-
Which fish - avoid/maybe-
Which fish - yes-

Part two
Food for kids, to make eating fun, but still healthy

15-05-2012, 22:56
Sweet Benedikt!!! (Pun intended)

I'll see when you are having the classes.