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Teutonic Deity
17-12-2003, 15:56
Anyone done a tour package to Egypt? Any suggestions or recommendations appreciated about whom to book with and where to go.

17-12-2003, 15:59
I'm going to Egypt this weekend, for less than you would ever believe. Its dirt cheap when out of season.
Anyway I use Afon and I reccomend them, 291-9066.

25-12-2003, 01:58
i went in jan 2002 to Sharm, a place i do not recommend unless you are going 5-star or more and plan not to leave your hotel very often. this "lovely resort town" was still very much under construction during our stay, as was the neighboring hotel outside our room. the help stole our beers and misha's swim trunks (we got the trunks back)... strange considering they're not supposed to wear shorts or drink alcohol...
anyway, it was ok, nothing to cream your pants over. the sea was great, very very warm for that time of year. but the pools were very, very cold and not heated. i dunno. i hear better things about hurghada.