View Full Version : Question about resolution in video software

07-10-2007, 15:39
I'm using Pinnacle Studio 9.4. I thought I'd be creative and used Fraps to capture some Google Earth footage to stick in the DVD I am preparing using camcorder footage.
When moving the clip into my project it told me:
Adding (1024 x 744) scene to (320 x 240) project.
Then I got a warning message saying the following:
You have added a clip to this project that was captured at a different resolution (that is, quality) than the rest of the project.
During Make Tape, all lower-resolution clips will be re-rendered at the highest resolution in the project.
I don't understand this - are they saying that my camcorder clips (320 x 240) will be re-rendered at 1024 x 744? If so, what will that do to my DVD when it is watched on a tv?
Any suggestions or help welcome.