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Billie Bob
04-05-2012, 21:27
Hi all,

SOchi will start to become a more tourist area to head too, and seeing all the old threads, not much there...

What to see? whats not worth visiting?

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Clubs?
any suggestions, or warnings?

Beside hitting the rocky beaches, anything we should do down there? water skiing or jet ski?

have some thoughts from here...

Ive been to sochi many times, and many moons ago... wondering whats worth my time?

Krasnaia Poliana,
expensive to go up non winter time? or?
Ive done this ages ago, and did the deltaplane downwards before.

so, here I am wondering, any info, please share...

(as for the other posts about is it expat friendly or not, well, Dan Hites from Chicago lived down there for many years, there was also a British Chef at the Radisson, and lived there for several years too. They are both gone, but the people are quite friendly!)

cheers all! :10518:

Billie Bob
04-05-2012, 21:35
some links Im putting together: