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Transparent Theatre
05-10-2007, 03:06
On October 6th Transparent Theatre are performing the American classic THE MEDIUM - an operatic thriller by Gian Carlo Menotti (first premiered on Broadway in 1947).

This is a PREVIEW performance - we welcome the chance to play the piece in front of a live audience. As a special offer to Expat Site Member we are offering tickets for 150 roubles (the full price for the Preview is 300 roubles). Please note that when the show opens officially on November 3rd, tickets will be 300-700 roubles, so 150 roubles is a deal :verycool:

At 19:00 on October 6th (ie tomorrow), at the Vysotsky Centre Theatre, Nizhny Taganskii Tupik 3. [If you exit from Taganskaya metro, you see the Taganka Theatre opposite. Go left in front of that theatre, and 50m on your right side you see Nizhny Tagansii Tupik... the Vysotsky Centre Theatre is around the first corner, 4-5 mins from the metro]

THE MEDIUM is an operatic thriller about the paranormal. A fake Medium cheats the parents of recently-deceased children by offering bogus seances in which she claims they can talk with the souls of their children. But one evening the seance goes horribly wrong, with violent consequences.... The entire show lasts 55 minutes, without an interval. The music is pleasant and has tunes - although it's modern, it's not atonal. It ran for 247 performances on Broadway, so that should tell you something! By the composer's own request, this piece must always be performed in the local language - so we are performing in Russian.

The show is cast from young professional opera singers in Moscow - in their own theatres they play the b-parts, but we've cast them in the lead roles. The entire cast are under 35, and there are no fat sopranos or gutbelly tenors.

During Friday 5th (up to midnight) you can send an email to studio-opera@mail.ru - to qualify for the Moscow Expat Site half-price discount you must write "MOSCOW EXPAT SITE" in the Message Subject. We will then hold your tickets on the door for collection/payment. We can't take credit cards, sorry. We will be too busy on the day of the show to administer email bookings (there's no internet connection at the theatre) but you could send an SMS message to +7-910-458 1106 stating EXPAT SITE DISCOUNT and how many tickets you want, plus your surname. Failing that you can take your chance on the door on the night :)