View Full Version : Getaway to Kazan in May

20-04-2012, 12:06
Hey, guys,

I have a project where I try to gather several people (up to 10) and leave Moscow for the weekend to explore other cities. Here is the latest one to Kazan:

Friday May 18th - leaving Moscow at 19.20. Meet at 19.00 at the platform Saturday

May 19th - arrive in Kazan at 8.26 am, check in our hostel (Gorky Hostel), have breakfast/lunch, explore some parts of the city 15-18.00 - a basic overview of Kazan. We'll have a guide who'll walk us through the Kremlin, a typical Tatar village, and several main attractions.
Stay on in the Kremlin or go have a beer.

Sunday May 20th - absolutely free day. Still lots to explore in Kazan, which we'll do. I'll add links with other cool things to do, but I'm afraid I couldn't find much info in English, mostly Russian. Leave for Moscow at 21.40, arrive Monday at 10.35 am (earlier departure possible at 19.00 and additional 500 RUR)

Accommodation: hostel, mixed rooms (we'll have the whole room(s) to ourselves
Budget: right now it looks like 3,700 RUR, included transportation (sleeping cart in train, platzcart, stated above leaving times, if not available tickets may be more expensive), 1 night in hostel, city tour (transport, guide and entrance tickets to the Kremlin). May be updated depending on group size (will need to get a bigger bus or whatever).

And here is the important thing: Right now 5 places are booked, and we are only looking for about 12 people, so sign up quickly, places are highly limited! We are people who tend to create our own fun so we expect you to bring in ideas, good attitude and be a part of the creative process.

Here is the FB group to join in or sign up for the event: http://www.facebook.com/groups/190376014395389/