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13-12-2003, 14:24
I'm reading a (so far) fabulous article by George Soros in the Atlantic Monthly


titled The Bubble of American Supremacy

13-12-2003, 14:35
The Atlantic`s always worth a read. ;-) Came across it by accident this year and there`s always one or two good articles there. Thanks, Geneven.

Ned Kelly
13-12-2003, 23:38
the perils of being so hungover one doesn't get out of bed until 8 in the evening and then starts reading the expat site on a saturday night:rolleyes:

anyway, you're right geneven, a good article. it seems that what he's calling for is for the un to be reinvigorated but it seems to me also that to do that would require treading on so many toes that you'd get the entire world's back up probably even to a greater extent than bush has already done.

for a start britain and france would have to be booted from the council, possibly replaced by an eu representative. india would need to be given a seat, as would an african country, maybe south africa, maybe an african state representative. indonesia would need a seat, possibly brazil too.

you'd have to cut back all the third-world bureaucrats who leech the un of money with first-class fares and chronic corruption. you'd need to weight states' voting according to the responsibility they show domesticaly and internationally. in the sense that north korea can't have the weight of, say, canada.

it would be a dog's breakfast and no-one would agree to it.

i personally thought the aims of the neocons in iraq were very idealistic. they've since been proven to be very shallow and the post-war planning bordering on criminal. also, whenever i hear bush talk of freedom and democracy, it starts to sound like the soviet union saying "we are for peace". totally fraudulent.

think i'd better go back to the bottle, more pleasurable than thinking about this stuff.