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13-12-2003, 07:20
Hello to all those that ever wanted to move to Russia. I found very good information in various sites. I am putting together a complete document and will publish it as an acrobat reader document for all those brave souls that have set their heart and mind to moving to Russia, and making it great. I even have the information about how to become a Russian citizen (other than marrying a Russian woman which I will do anyway).
You can write me a private message , and I will give one specially good site I have found. I will be in Russia in a couple of months. I can't wait to get there and see those cold gray skies, and feel the deep chilling cold, and admiring the beautiful slavic women. The best in the world , bar none.

My poem to the beautiful Russian women:

There you are! The fair beauty of the slavic woman.

Fair as the snow. I marvel at her sight.

I have found happiness at last!
Material comforts mean nothing to me now.
Misery is welcome as long as you are with me.

Life is good no matter what happens now.
All the wealth I have or had means nothing to me now.
I am truly happy at last.

Life is beautiful.
My life has just began.

The end.

13-12-2003, 11:50
Er, Luiboi ? I`d be tempted to post the guide FROM Florida in about six months time. You may have a little more accurate a picture, then. ;-)))))

God only knows why you think Russia is non materialistic or that it`s some kind of paradise on earth for the soul. You`ll definitely have a few opportunities that most Russians don`t have - higher disposable income, but you`ve got a lot to learn about what Russia really is, and I`m afraid it does shine through in your posts.

Yep, the West has its` problems - so does Russia. In fact, if you want to see REAL problems - possibly for the first time in your life - go and see Russia. But don`t think that people are better because they have a harder life than you, please. It doesn`t necessarily follow.

As for Russian women...... they`re much the same as women everywhere, Luiboi - some good, some bad but all..... women, god bless `em. ;-))))) Now, you`re probably expecting - let`s be honest - to make some capital out of this and have a great flock of Roosian girlies clucking and fussing over "non- materialistic American poet" when you get there - I think you`ll find that a few months down the road you, er, may be writing a completely different kind of poetry altogether, and - I don`t think you`re quite qualified to start handing advice out just yet, old son. ;-)))) I was engaged to a Russian lady for a long, long time and I still don`t understand Russian women - nor will I ever understand Russia. ;-)))))))

13-12-2003, 12:52
The poem is awful, but on repeated rereadings, it becomes really, really awful.

13-12-2003, 13:18
Hi Geneven - I was trying not to mention it. ;-)))

How about this one, then ??

"There was a young man of Belgrave
Who kept a dead whore in a cave
He said "I admit
I am a bit of a sh*t
But think of the money I save". :D

Actually, Luiboi`s poem reminds me of the "least rhyming limerick in the English language".......

"There was an old man of St. Bees
Who was stung on the arm by a wasp,
When asked "Does it hurt?"
He said "No, it doesn't.
I'm so glad it wasn't a hornet."

13-12-2003, 13:41
Or - now I come to think of it, virtually anything by the immortal Bard of Scotland, the one, the only - William Topaz McGonagall !!! ;-))))) http://www.taynet.co.uk/users/mcgon/default.htp

Heroic in his inability to write poetry (but considering himself a meisterwerker) McGonagall suffered a life of ridicule and torment - but - is still remembered. ;-)))

Ladies and gentlemen, I present - "The Tay Bridge Disaster" - by W T McGonagall (bard) ;-) - widely regarded as one of the worst poems in the English language. Ever. ;-)))))

McGonagall grows on you....... but then again, so does Athletes` foot..... ;-))))))))))))

The Tay Bridge Disaster

Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv'ry Tay!
Alas! I am very sorry to say
That ninety lives have been taken away
On the last Sabbath day of 1879,
Which will be remember'd for a very long time.

'Twas about seven o'clock at night,
And the wind it blew with all its might,
And the rain came pouring down,
And the dark clods seem'd to frown,
And the Demon of the air seem'd to say-
"I'll blow down the Bridge of Tay."

When the train left Edinburgh
The passengers' hearts were light and felt no sorrow,
But Boreas blew a terrific gale,
Which made their hearts for to quail,
And many of the passengers with fear did say-
"I hope God will send us safe across the Bridge of Tay."

But when the train came near to Wormit Bay,
Boreas he did loud and angry bray,
And shook the central girders of the Bridge of Tay
On the last Sabbath day of 1879,
Which will be remember'd for a very long time.

So the train sped on with all its might,
And Bonnie Dundee soon hove in sught,
And the passengers' hearts felt light,
Thinking they would enjoy themselves on the New Year,
With their friends at home they lov'd most dear,
And wish them all a happy New Year.

So the train mov'd slowly along the Bridge of Tay,
Until it was about midway,
Then the central girders with a crash gave way,
And down went the train and passengers into the Tay!
The Storm Fiend did loudly bray,
Because ninety lives had been taken away,
On the last Sabbath day of 1879,
Which will be remember'd for a very long time.

As soon as the catastrophe came to be known
The alarm from mouth to mouth was blown,
And the cry rang out all o'er the town,
Good Heavens! the Tay Bridge is blown down,
And a passenger train from Edinburgh,
Which fill'd all the peoples hearts with sorrow,
And made them for to turn pale,
Because none of the passengers were sav'd to tell the tale
How the disaster happen'd on the last Sabbath day of 1879,
Which will be remember'd for a very long time.

It must have been an awful sight,
To witness in the dusky moonlight,
While the Storm Fiend did laugh, and angry did bray,
Along the Railway Bridge of the Silv'ry Tay,
Oh! ill-fated Bridge of thSilv'ry Tay,
I must now conclude my lay
By telling the world fearlessly without the least dismay,
That your central girders would not have given way,
At least many sensible men do say,
Had they been supported on each side with buttresses,
At least many sensible men confesses,
For the stronger we our houses do build,
The less chance we have of being killed.

14-12-2003, 08:04
i was going to write a poem about lyuboi or mudak or whatever his name is, but then i thought of all the other things i could be doing with my time.
this is either a wind-up or someone who just honestly has absolutely no clue and will have to learn about roosky punani the hard way.
it's not only laughable that someone has put together a guide for a place that he's never been, it's also presumptuous and pompous. real charming qualities.

14-12-2003, 22:04
Wind up, I reckon, Polly. No one`s that bad a poet. ;-)))))))))

15-12-2003, 10:42
Think we should nominate him for the Bulwer-Lytton award?

15-12-2003, 11:54
Think he will find true love and romance at the Real McCoy?