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04-04-2012, 18:28
Well, my Russian is not so bad, but I still cannot understand this fully (from the MegaFon tariff "Вокруг света" I have):

На тарифном плане Вокруг света с 24 июня 2010 года введена абонентская плата в размере 90 рублей в месяц, которая начинает списываться, если абонент не пользуется голосовыми или неголосовыми услугами связи в течение 89 дней. Абонентская плата списывается равномерно каждый день до тех пор, пока абонент не воспользуется голосовыми или неголосовыми услугами связи или не пополнит счёт. На начало списания абонентской платы не влияет использование услуг "Заплати за меня",
"Мобильные платежи", "Мобильный перевод". На прекращение списания абонентской платы не влияет наличие подключенных услуг, пакетов и тарифных опций с абонентской платой, а так же использование услуг "Заплати за меня", "Мобильные платежи", "Мобильный перевод".

Does this mean I have to pay 90r per month *every* month and I can use this credit as normal (or is it just subscription fee?). if it is just subscription fee how can it be reduced after 90 days by 1r/day? I am puzzled!!!

Many thanks. :11157:

04-04-2012, 22:02
I did not undestand anything at all (though I am Russian and can read even below lines).

04-04-2012, 22:27
Since I can speak Russian a bit, i think you should pay 90 rub per month as a user charge..you got it right =)

06-04-2012, 02:10
Many thanks.

Megafon's new tariffs are not easy to understand with all the small print.

I'll just have to assume the 90r is a monthly fee. I guess its a small price to pay for dirt cheap roaming.

I am still pissed off with them for taking back my Moscow 'normal' number in '06 during the mass removal (I assume) of normal numbers from cell phones.

06-04-2012, 13:07
Alan, you have to pay 90 rub per month and this sum will be charged only in case you do NOT use your telephone as intended (no calls, sms, voice mail, etc.) during 89 days. So, if you use tel as usual, this sum (90 rub) stays untouched on your balance and you pay normal sums of money for your calls, sms, etc. I assume that this tariff helps to save your tel number if you move to another country and use local operator services there.
Hope it helps :)

06-04-2012, 14:03
Yes, Mishutk is right. You are charged 90 rur per month only if you don't use your number for 89 days.
if you don't use your number for 89 days, 90 rubles are charged during the month, every day (that makes around 3 rur per day) until you use your number again. As soon as you start using the number again, you are not charged 90 rur any more.

If you use services "Pay for me", "Mobile payment", "Mobile transfer", it does not affect the charge (so you will be charged anyway if you don't use your number).

Summary - Use your telephone as usual and you'll pay no extra charges.

09-04-2012, 18:22
Many thanks guys.

Yes, I am in the UK until at least September, but of course I need a Moscow number. So I switched to this tariff.

90r is nothing of course, but I still needed to understand what was going on!

I have held an MTS mobile number since 1999 but roaming is quite expensive on it, hence the purchase of this megafon number and tariff.. it seems the cheapest roaming tariff easily....

Thanks again!