View Full Version : How much should cost a "decent meal"?

02-10-2007, 09:21
As it is possible to eat from 100 rub to... probably 30.000 rub a meal, what is for you the decent price for an USUAL BUT CORRECT meal? Not a "champagne" meal with caviar, no expensive wines, just an usual every day's meal.

09-10-2007, 22:59
may i ask what the purpose of your research is:shhhhhh:?

10-10-2007, 22:48
Very good poll! I was always wondering if everyone is paying as much as I do for a lunch, almost every day! :groan:

15-10-2007, 01:06
Hope that at least your lunch is good one

15-10-2007, 01:40
WOW! Reading the statistics I think I'll go back to London and go to my favourite cafe or local pub for a good meal. And enjoy better surroundings and atmosphere also. Just shows you, inflation is hitting hard here. But where are the jobs available here to warrent matching these prices.

15-10-2007, 01:44
so, if prices are lower abroad i will have a ball when i go on a business trip

15-10-2007, 01:45
Not far away there is a survey about what is a decent livable income is. And I was arguing with a lot of members that $1000 or even $2000 was not even near enough income and they and the result of were stating it was.

People can be so hypocritical.

15-10-2007, 20:56
so, if prices are lower abroad i will have a ball when i go on a business trip

You'll be ok as long as your salary is above 2,000 per month

19-10-2007, 23:11
doesnt have to be that, there is always "за счёт компании":reindeer: