View Full Version : Tishinka Flea Market, March 22-25

Uncle Pasha
18-03-2012, 11:05
Noticed a billboard with this announcement. Tishinskaya Ploshad is between Metro Mayakovskaya and Belorusskaya.

I suspect though it will be something glossy and glamorous and ultra-expensive under the guise of a flea market.

18-03-2012, 13:02
The Flea Market has been operating at Tishinka (in the shopping centre) for about 3-4 years now, if not maybe longer? I used to live opposite the shopping centre, so I went a couple of times.

Really it's more of a 'vintage' event, with a lot of collectabilia.

I found the prices extremely high, but it's a pleasant - if rather pretentious - event.

Uncle Pasha
18-03-2012, 13:29
Just as I thought. Thanks for saving me from the temptation to check it out. Disappointing but entirely expected.

While on the subject, I've recently stumbled into a used bookstore of the classic Soviet type. Mostly 60s and 70s. Smell of old paper. Cash register behind metal bars.Two sales women sleeping. West side of Prospekt Mira, in the Ulitsa Trofimiva area. It most obviously does not belong to the post-Luzhkov Moscow and will not last so visit it while you can. I was tempted to buy Max Vasmer's Etymological dictionary (four volumes) and may still do that if it is still there once the dead season's cash flow problem is over. This is the only etymological dictionary of Russian I know of. Or the only one that's worth consulting. Being a German, Vasmer did a good job connecting Russian with European languages, which is its primary value in making Russian easy to westerners and vice versa.

18-03-2012, 22:42
+ there are entrance fees! :(

To be honest, I bought some staff there and they were not so expensive than in some antique shops in Moscow (more expenisve than in S.Petersburg though and much much more expensive then in Vienna, for instance).

If you look for some candle holders, cup holders, samovars of the end of the 19th century or later period (the beginning of the20th), it is quite Ok, because on this market, there are traders from many regions of Russia arrive and prices are affordable.

Besides I bought there an old water dispenser and it was a nice gift to my friend's birthday! :)

But again it is NOT THE flee market you can find in some cities in Europe on Sundays for sure!