View Full Version : Meet Koshey, the Russian Superhero

29-02-2012, 19:00
Hi All! I am Koshey, one of the most famous Russian superheroes. Here is my diary: koshey2012.livejournal.com And today, right on the leap day, is my birthday! I was wondering how I should celebrate and commemorate it. Out of all options I have chosen joining the EXPATS.RU Family. One of the reasons is that I am a seasoned ExPat myself since I am so universal and used to exist everywhere on earth. On the other hand being so attached to Mother Russia I want you all to know more about me and to have more fun throughout you stay in this Wonderland. I would also like you all to do me a favor - just celebrate my birthday tonight and enjoy it. Thus you will say good bye to the Russian winter and also reciprocate to the recent local trend to "borrow" holidays from overseas. More and more Russians get to celebrating St. Patric's Day, Valentine's, Halloween and so on. And this is great! But it will be so much nicer if Russia based expats start to learn more about old Russian traditions and rituals and share them with the local Folks. The meaning of the Koshey Day is practically same as Halloween and should you really wish to celebrate you'll know what to do. Nice to meet you all. Enjoy and have fun! Happy Birthday to Mmmeeeeee !!!