View Full Version : hi looking for a good pediatrician and orthopaedist

27-09-2007, 21:22
hi we are new in Moscow and I am looking for a good pediatrician and orthopedist for my children (3 and 6 y. old)
Thank you.

28-09-2007, 11:13
Hi -if you are a Russian speaker I can recommend our paediatrician Olga Viktorovna Suslova from the Perinatal Centre. She comes with an army of specialists (neurologist, Ear, Nose & Throat, opthalmogist etc.). I'd only recommend her though if you are happy to be in the rather over-cautious Russian-style system as it could drive you barmy if you're not used to it! Expensive too, but they can sort insurance claims.

There is a paediatrician at the SOS Clinic about whom I've heard really good reports from lots of expats, her name is Dr. Iris Bazing.

Have also heard good things about Dr. Irina Perrin at the European Medical Centre. I believe they may have a new French paediatrician there too, Ivette Schneider-Churlet. Haven't heard anything about her yet, but am guessing she's married to the new gynaecologist Alain Churlet - he is lovely!:thumbsup:

01-10-2007, 15:12
Hi Mags2, thank you very much for all your info. As I am not a Russian speaker, I did contact EMC to visit Dr. Perrin, but she was not available....and I finally tried Dr. Ilona (G.P)at the German embassy, she is very gentle with children and gives good advice.
Thank you anyway, I believe that next time, I will go to EMC.

18-02-2008, 20:41
Im Dr Varun working as an Orthopedician in Moscow for 3yrs at Sito. If u do require my help call me.89269058681.