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Ben Financial Advice
27-02-2012, 18:14
hello, i need to withdraw a large some of money like 200,000 rub for a flat to cover deposit, two months rent, etc.. the problem is landlord wont accept intonation bank transfer.

i have a UK bank account with Barclays and im limited to about 13,500 rub per day from ATM's.

Q. Any other way to get this cash from a bank once, without going to ATM every day?

27-02-2012, 18:40
Open account here in Russian bank, transfer money and withdraw as much as you need.

27-02-2012, 18:45
If you have an immigration card and passport, you can open a currency or rouble account, or both at Alfa bank -(I have no experience of other local banks) you can wire in funds for about 15 and takes as much as you like out as long as you have funds. The Alfa bank on kotuvovsky has a transaction limit of 40 notes. That means you can take 200k per onePIN entry , if you leave wired funds on account for 1 week, there is no Russian side commission

27-02-2012, 20:32
Matt, it is not the bank limit, but ATM' output slot limit I think...;)

27-02-2012, 21:16
Matt, it is not the bank limit, but ATM' output slot limit I think...;)

Of course you are right, Alfa bank machines are limited to a maximum 40 notes issued per transaction, so if you use the one loaded with 1,000's the most you can get out without putting your card in again is 40,000 or 200,000 if it's loaded with 5,000's - in kutuzovsky the 5,000 machine is on the right hand side in the foyer. The bank doesn't appear to have any other limits apart from your account balance and how much cash the ATM has been loaded with.

28-02-2012, 13:59
You can get a cash advance against your card over the counter.

More advanced banks - like Raiffaisenbank, AlphaBank etc - are conversant with this, and will do it without fuss.

Best to call your bank in advance and advise them you plan doing it, so that they don't blank the transaction when it comes in.

You can withdraw however much you have access to on your card, provided your bank approves the transaction.

The transaction fee for doing it this way is a bit higher than an ATM, however. So try to get the most you can from ATMs, and the rest by cash advance.