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27-09-2007, 01:13

I'm new around here. I am a mexican teacher of English and Spanish. I've been to Russia as a tourist before, but I'd like very much to have the opportunity to find a temporary teaching job which allows me to stay in that beautiful country for a longer time than my tourist budget permits. I was offered an English teaching position in a town called Murom about two years ago, (I've been in the trade for almost 14 years, the last 3 working for Berlitz), however the school headmaster was expecting to receive answers from teenage undergraduates who would settle for room and board plus a little petty cash for daily expenses. I told her that I completely agreed to these conditions and that I could teach both English and Spanish for the same package, because I don't see it as a source of profits, but as a chance to learn a bit more Russian, to enjoy the great culture I admire so much and to meet new and interesting people.
Can anyone help me out ?

Any ideas about this issue and messages from "pretty dievushki" will be very welcome.

Da svidania!