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06-12-2003, 00:17
I would like to go there in january........
Is someone nahe any good adresses ?
cheap train (but secured an in safe !!!)
cheap hotel....Wa want to stay 3 days minimum.....
what to see there ???


06-12-2003, 20:12
haven't been in St. Pete for a couple of years, but my favourite during last visit was Idiot Cafe, a great cosy place to sit and relax after a few hours of sight-seeing in the winter.

The Afisha issue for 24 Nov - 7 Dec (#22) has a listing of B&Bs in central Sp. Pete. There're like 10 of them. If you can't find the magazine ask me and maybe i will be super nice and send you some addresses/phone numbers

As for what to see...it's endless...you can spend 3 days in Hermitage alone...

Bon voyage! :-)

08-12-2003, 13:56
for cheap(er) places to stay, i would recommend www.apartmentsrussia.com

disclaimer - i am not affiliated with them, just a satisfied customer

11-12-2003, 13:00
Plenty to do and see, depends on what your interests are. Bars? Clubs? Historical sites? I like the fast train, 5 hours and cheap, very safe and secure!

25-12-2003, 02:05
i was just in StP this past weekend. We accidentally came across a neat new little hostel and I thought I'd pass on the info in case anyone might be interested.
It's a very small but neat and clean apartment-hostel, about $20 per person per night. fairly central, about 15 minute walk to Nevsky nearish Kazansky and about a 30 minute walk to the Peter-Paul Fortress.
the site is (i think) www.sleepcheap.spb.ru