View Full Version : Heinz Salad Cream

25-09-2007, 10:35
Anyone seen Heinz Salad Cream on their travels in Moscow?:goblin:

27-09-2007, 00:52
Stockmann's might sell it.

27-09-2007, 14:22
Dunno what salad cream is but this month they have alot of American products they do not normally carry at Stockmans - saw a couple varieties of Helmans mayonaise.....

27-09-2007, 14:47
Nope. Never. You'll have to import it. :)

Heinz do have other brand names in their portfolio - Pokrovski mayonnaise might be vaguely close to salad cream.

There's also a Heinz 'delikatesnyi' sauce which might be a substitute until you can get your hands on real salad cream.

22-10-2007, 16:56
thanks people.
Just brought 7 bottles back with me. :hooray:

14-11-2007, 20:29
Salad cream! That reminds me of my favorite episode of Fawlty Towers...where the chef gets drunk in the kitchen. I've watched it over and over again...must get out more:D

May I ask you why you don't have any salad cream...

YouTube - Gormet Night (1/3) (http://youtube.com/watch?v=IHB6W9e8y4M)