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30-01-2012, 01:22
hi everyone,

i was offered a TEFL position with a school in Moscow. they applied for my LOI on Dec 27. at first the director told me it should be issued before the new year... no such luck. the winter holiday ended on Jan 9 and i still have no letter. i e-mailed the director last week and she said she called the Migration Service. they told her the FSB is, and i quote, "checking some details".. can this be good??

all i did was study in Russia in summer 2007.

weirder is that they applied for another teacher's LOI at the same time as mine, and they received theirs 2 weeks ago..

i was planning on being in Russia by mid-Feb. does anyone have similar experience? isn't there a 30 working day deadline that the FMS needs to give an answer by?

also, i have other programs i can get a student visa through for up to a year, but do i have to wait for this pending LOI to be canceled before i can apply for a different one? also, i really wanted to work in Russia.. if for some reason they reject this work permit, am i also ineligible for any other work in Russia?

30-01-2012, 01:29
i'm American btw

31-01-2012, 03:10
i'd keep hoping. i am not very familiar with the process for teachers but letter of inviation is one of the last documents needed for you to obtain a working visa and work permit- so a lot of paperwork should be done before
you can search for other opportunities - work permits should be obtained for every employments in russia (eg 2 jobs for different companies=2 work permits)

31-01-2012, 06:55
I'm afraid that I would be inclined to disbelieve what the director is telling you, UNLESS you know something (about your past!) that is preventing this.

I was the Deputy General Director of a school until recently, and we issued many LOI's which we acquired with the services of an agency, usually within the 2 week period that you indicated.

Something smells here.... sorry!

01-02-2012, 00:30
i thought about that too, Pete. i just can't imagine a legitimate employer giving a candidate the runaround though. if they want to retract their offer of employment, can't they simply say so?

is there any way i can check my status with the FMS?

also, can i apply for a new student visa with a different organization at the same time i have this LOI still pending?

01-02-2012, 01:08
It is possible that the school that recruited you is deliberately delaying things, for a variety of possible reasons: They may not have accommodation for you; They may not have work for you - They could be waiting to see if the other applicant is OK, before deciding on whether to proceed with your LOI. It all may sort itself out in a week or two, and you will be none the wiser.

You could ask them which agency they use, to process the LOIs, and tell them that you will contact them directly.

It all depends on the setup within the specific school.... Which one is it?

I don't know the answer to your last question, about simultaneous LOIs for one person, but would advise against it - it can only muddy the waters!

01-02-2012, 02:22
I think you've been had. It shouldn't take so long.

01-02-2012, 09:51
..... she called the Migration Service. they told her the FSB is, and i quote, "checking some details".. can this be good??
If FSB is having a look at you, and I say IF, then FSB is not telling any one that they do so, and the FMS is not telling it at all.