View Full Version : 2 tickets to bolshoi on 5th dec

04-12-2003, 16:20
i have 2 tickets to bolshoi for tomorrow 5th december 7 pm. my friend is not going, so i invite another nice person to join, age and sex do not matter, but you must have an appearance please and speak english or dutch. tickets were prepaid so there is no need for you to pay - it is on me. PM if you are interested.

P.S. i am dutch lady, 45, fun and easy-going, smoker, not russian speaker

04-12-2003, 16:33
why do I see this post after just buying tickets less than 20 seconds ago. Oh well love the internet hate the internet sometimes.

04-12-2003, 20:30
how does one NOT have an appearance?

04-12-2003, 21:01
I think Katka means suitably attired for the occasion Polly ;)

05-12-2003, 00:57
oooh i know -- i just *can't* resist sometimes! ;)

05-12-2003, 01:18
Originally posted by polly
oooh i know -- i just *can't* resist sometimes! ;)

Every time, apparently.

05-12-2003, 03:57
*oooooooooh* yeah cuz i post *so much* in here, eh mr whiny roulette man? oh how my 5 posts every couple of days must just flood the board!

you have an ignore option. if i perturb you to such an intolerable extent, then suggest you use it.

go win some money or something.

05-12-2003, 06:27
I just posted my observation: that practically always your comments are sarcastic. I don't think it's news to you.. So why all this ado... And you don't perturbe me, I'm too worried about bigger problems at the moment. A suggestion: let's not cross the line and let's keep it light hearted, fun and easy, as it's supposed to be?

05-12-2003, 16:20
Katka I could go with you but I am busy and married. Come on, guys, a pretty mature woman invites you to a theater and no one wishes to go?? :confused:
BTW at 45 some women look better than most at 20. Take a look at Sharon Stone. :thumbsup: