View Full Version : American expat in Piter looking for a JOB!!!

23-09-2007, 11:21
I'm an American currently living in St. Petersburg. I am working as an English teacher; however, I'm considering other opportunities. If you have any suggestions or ideas about how or where I might find other options for employment, please tell me. I know this is all very vague. I am quite dissatisfied with the company with which I am currently employed. I have a degree in Russian Studies and am excited about living in Piter- I'm just not happy with my current job. ANY advice would be appreciated! Private message me or post a reply to this thread. THANK YOU!

-I'm a very strong writer and have a background in communication and public relations. Editing, research, proofreading. I am considering attending law school and would be EXTREMELY interested in working in a law office or similar enviornment
-General office/assistant skills
-Previous work experience as a personal fitness trainer

23-09-2007, 16:12
a word of advice: it may be easier for people to give you some useful ideas/suggestions, if you at least let people know what spheres you are interested in or considering. there are hundreds of jobs and positions out there, which require different approaches in searching and applying for. i'm not in St. P so don't know all of the options over there, but the St. P Times would be a good starting point.

23-09-2007, 21:55
Try checking out the local law firms. You can probably suggest a fulltime teaching position with one. As busy as these lawyers tend to be they are constantly canceling classes. If you are there fulltime then rescheduling is quite easy.
If you can't get them to go for a full time teacher then tell them that you will throw in proof reading.
I'd say 3-5k should be what you should expect. Probably better than what your school is paying.

Aşık melek
30-09-2007, 19:42
american in piter, how old r u? age is one of the most importnat items for looking for a job here in russia........

07-10-2007, 09:17
I have a degree in Russian Studies
american_in_piter, do you speak the language? beginner? advanced? fluent? Any translation experience?

20-10-2007, 19:03
Well, since american_in_piter has not returned to the thread I would like to take his place. I am in also looking for a job in St Petes, although I know it will be difficult for me to find one given my "qualifications".

I am native English speaker with intermediate skills in Russian language whose resume includes many years in the cattle business as a cowboy on large cow/calf operations. Hence, I am expert in horsemanship. I am also a qualified Tour Manager for a well known American musician and his band. Unfortunately I have no connections in the music/entertainment business here in St Petes.
Any suggestions where to look?

13-02-2008, 09:17
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27-02-2008, 21:58
You guys say nothing about your education when looking for a job? The local competition can be tough since many Russians have impressive and high education and unemployment is relatively high among young people. As an expat you have to stand out and be even better when competing for the better jobs.

Ask yourself why an employer should hire you instead of a Russian?

What comes to mind to focus on is your foreign education, language skills (English) and any foreign relevant job experience you might have. Experience as a personal trainer for instance is irrelevant for a law firm. In cases like this you need to tailor your resume to the job you are seeking and not list all odd jobs you might have had like cowboying etc. If you apply for a job at a ranch operation it is great experience of course.

There are many employment agencies you could contact, and foreing companies in St Pete might have a higher interest than local Russian firms. I know many companies organize private English classes for their employees so perhaps something to try?

Wish you all good luck.