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21-09-2007, 11:43
Even a 64 year old, retired Canadian Microsoft millionaire with time on his hands and not long to live, has to eat and likes to save money. For some of you just scraping by on an English teacher's salary, saving money is a necessity.

Here's an easy, fast and cheap way to fill up that hungry tummy after a long day slogging around Moscow in the cold and snow - or the incessant autumn rain. Microwave mashed potatoes!

Potatoes are cheap. You can get them for less then 10 rubles a kilo. Of course, you need a microwave for this trick and maybe your babushka won't buy one just for you. Out of luck, then.

You need potatoes (about 3 rubles), butter (about 5 rubles), milk (about 5 rubles) and salt, total about 50 cents. And a microwave, a fork, a bowl and a cup.

Wash your potatoes thoroughly because we're going to eat everything we paid for except the dirt. The skin has the most nutrients anyway. Even the dirt is not so bad. We are, after all, just animals elevated to absurdity - conceived in the dirt, born in the dirt, eating in the dirt and buried in the dirt. A little dirt reminds you where you came from and where you are going.

Two nice big, clean potatoes makes a good meal. Put them in the microwave for about 8 minutes on high. You can turn them over after 4 minutes if you find yourself just staring at the plate going round and round. If babool only gave you a low-power mic, make it 10 minutes. Be careful when you take them out, they will be super-hot!

Dump them into a medium bowl and at the same time put about a cup (200 g or so) of milk into the microwave for 1 minute. With the side of a fork, chop up the potatoes in the bowl until most of the big chunks are gone. By now he mixture will be hot and steamy and rather dry. Add salt and pepper if you want.

Throw in a big chunk of butter and chop it into the mix. The butter will lubricate everything and you will find it easier to chop the remaining potato chunks. Now mix in the hot milk that is already done. Did you put in too much milk? Mash up the small chunks of potato with the fork and the mixture will absorb more milk.

11 minutes and walla! Microwave mashed potatoes! Bon appetite!

21-09-2007, 11:55
No cheese?

21-09-2007, 12:20
No cheese?

As anybody in the restaurant business can tell you, cheese is a high cost item.

This is about a low-cost way to fill your tummy. So cheese is not on the menu card. Nor is it in the name of the dish, as in, for example, "Cheesy Mashed Potatoes."

Of course, you can add cheese to it. But really what is better is if you have a little chili handy (I keep some frozen), you can heat up the chili and put a big dollop of it right in the middle of the mass of mashed potatoes. But again, that drives up the cost.

The dish I described above is simply cheap, fast, easy and tasty.

21-09-2007, 13:24
If you're really poor ....no salt.:hooray:

21-09-2007, 13:26
[QUOTE=Palokala;289202] you can heat up the chili and put a big dollop of it right in the middle of the mass of mashed potatoes.

Does it have to be exactly in the middle?