View Full Version : Irritating error message, help appreciated

10-01-2012, 15:47
Hello all,

After logging in nine times out of ten I get the following message:

'Invalid Redirect URL (http://expat.ru/forum/index.php)'

It's not really a big problem as I just click to the main page and back to the forums to view what's going on but it's really irritating!

I'm using Firefox 9.0.1 but it's happened with other versions as well.

Input would be appreciated.



10-01-2012, 16:15
Hi Rob,
Try to clean browser cache (maybe with cookies, but it will push you to re-login on all login-enabled sites). If it doesn't help, then, if you have Wintel, run command prompt as Administrator and type:
C:\blah-blah-blah>ipconfig /flushdns
And press Enter. Pls note space between g and /

11-01-2012, 11:56
I cleared the cache in Firefox but that didn't work. It was only the command prompt that resolved the problem. Thanks for your help.